What makes me so special? I am a part time advertising agency; part time copywriter, and a full time Idea Factory. This is the perfect combination for any company looking for killer copy, sizzling ads, and a drastic increase in profit.

Smart people do things the fun way.

That is what Chick-N-Oodle is all about.

I admit it...I love to brag. Who doesn't? I am sure you will be happy to know that I've never had a client who wasn't thrilled with their project, even if there were a few minor adjustments to be made. Most clients marvel at how effectively I have communicated their message for them whatever it may be.

I won't waste your time, or your money. Frankly, I don't have a reason to. Let me guide you through the process of creating whatever message you need to get across. With my methodology, I will soon understand more about what makes you tick — and what's truly important to you and your business— than I get my idea factory turned on and develop the right product for you.

Oh and if you want to know anything about me? I have been writing ad and sales copy of all kinds for about 10 years, 8 years professionally. I love it and it just electrifies me. The one draw back- trying to turn my mind off of 'words' when I go to bed at night. I pride myself on having an uncanny ability to get into the heads of your target audience and I deliver the goods to make them tick so you can easily get you the results you want.

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